Donald Trump’s presidency is the best thing for Blacks.

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Donald Trump and Micah Johnson
Donald Trump and Micah Johnson

Marcus Garvey said that Blacks will not know themselves until their backs are against the wall. With Donald Trump as the president of the United Sates, Black people backs are so pressed against the wall, either the wall will cave in, causing blacks to stumble on their backs or their intestines will be seeping out as if they were ran over by a tractor trailer.

The good thing is, when someone’s back is pressed up against the wall, he or she fights back. That is why having a person like Donald Trump as president is so great for the advancement of Black people; they will be left with no option but to fight back. Blacks can fight, in fact they are excellent fighters, why they never had the courage to fight in great numbers is unfathomable, especially when you consider the fact that they are always fighting against themselves anyway.

The Donald Trump presidency will force Blacks to stop fighting against themselves and instead fight to protect themselves from Trump and his supporters. Trump was voted into power by deplorable bigots spread across America. It was a well-known fact that America is rampant with bigotry but not many people thought there were enough bigots to get Trump elected. Now that the truth has been revealed, Blacks cannot afford to be unprepared for what is to come. The warning signs are clear and unless Blacks are willing to fight, they will suffer and die under Donald Trump’s presidency.

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Groups like the KKK and other confederate flag waving waste matters are all supporters of Trump. It is not surprising that police officer, Ray Tensing, was wearing a confederate flag under his uniform when he murdered an innocent and unarmed Black man (Sam DuBose). Trump has given courage to men like Tensing, who will undoubtedly feel like they now have the power to use Black people as target practice. Blacks can choose to be sitting ducks or they can prepare to protect and defend themselves; with their backs against the wall, the latter is their only option.

These are the days when young Black men have to unite, organize and centralize across the nation. Young Black men can no longer afford to be Bloods and Crips killing each other. They can no longer run through the streets of Chicago killing their brothers for Air Jordan sneakers. These same young Black men who even president Obama refer to as thugs are the ones who will need to be the first line of defense for the Black community.

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The Buffalo soldiers fought for their oppressors and against a people who did them no wrong. Under Trump’s president, Blacks can no longer afford to be Buffalo soldiers; instead they must become an army of Nat Turners, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

When Micah Johnson got so frustrated over innocent Black men being slaughtered in the streets and retaliated, he was labeled as a “heartless coward”. Well if being willing to fight and die for the liberty of your people make you a heartless coward; Blacks will need millions of heartless cowards under the Trump’s presidency. If so many innocent Black men got murdered under Obama’s presidency, then imagine what it will be like under a Trump’s presidency if Black men refuse to stand up and fight back.

There is a saying that, you will never know how string you are until being strong is your only option, thanks to the Trump presidency, being strong is Black people’s only option; and that is a great thing.

Black people should be thanking Donald Trump for forcing them to be strong, not Army strong, not Buffalo soldiers strong but Nat turner Strong, Micah Johnson strong.



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