Racism is as American as American Idol.

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Uche, Ryan Seacrest and Demetrius on American Idol (Courtesy of ABC)
Uche, Ryan Seacrest and Demetrius on American Idol (Courtesy of ABC)

America is entrenched in racism that it has almost become the norm these days. It could be said that “Racism is as American as apple pie” but do people still eat apple pie? With all the health craze nuts turning to spinach and kale smoothies, unhealthy foods have taken a back seat in the American diet. However, American Idol has not taken a backseat in American entertainment and that is where American racism was recently exposed last night.

The night was fittingly dubbed “Disney Night” since it is not secret of Walt Disney and the deep rooted racism in its past.

By the end of Disney Night, the only two Black contestants on this season’s competition were sent home even though they were probably the two best singers in the contest.

Uche and Demetrius are two great singers but for some reason America just could not see itself voting for two talented Black men.

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For Uche, the signs were there that he would not go very far because his extreme confidence was often mistaken for him having a big ego, although what people really wanted to say that he was “a Black man who doesn’t know his place.” Even Katy Perry referred to dealing with Uche huge personality as “a lot” to deal with. There is nothing white American hates more than a Black man who has confidence in himself and that’s what caused the downfall of Uche.

On the other hand Demetrius did not show the extreme confidence of Uche but he was to the extreme opposite, real quiet, not quite where white America wants him to be.

White America does not like when a Black person is too quiet because then they will never know what you are thinking and they need to know what you are thinking just in case they are dangerous thoughts. But they also don’t like when you are too loud with your thoughts as you might start influencing others.

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So Uche and Demetrius were both at the opposite ends of the happy medium of where white America needs them to be in order for them to be successful.

It is not shocking that racism has caused these two talented Black men run on American Idol to come to an abrupt end. After all, the first rapper to make it to number one on the billboard chart was Vanilla Ice and Eminem is the “greatest rapper of all time.”



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