Koffee is Jamaica’s next Bob Marley.

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Koffee and Bob Marley
Koffee and Bob Marley

The world can sometimes be a sexist place. Since the death of Bob Marley, the questions has been asked a million times, “who is the next Bob Marley?” There were many who were thought to have that potential like Garnet Silk, Ini Kamoze, Buju Banton and Sizzla. Not one single time was a woman named as having the potential of being the next Bob, until now.

While it is very early in her career, Koffee has proven that she has the necessary talent to be the next Bob Marley and if she is given the correct marketing and promotion that Marley was given, it is a feat that she will easily achieve.

Before Koffee, no solo female reggae artist won the coveted Reggae Grammy Award. Not only did Koffee buck that trend but she was also the youngest reggae artist to win the award at only 19-years old. The Grammy princess slash Reggae princess is no doubt on her way to becoming the queen of Reggae music, a title that has never been bestowed on any reggae artist before.

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Billboard Magazine recently named Koffee as one of 21 acts under 21 who has been making a global impact in 2020. Judging from the hits songs the Toast singer has belted out so far and combined with her age, this is something that could continue for the next two to four decades.

While the females in Reggae have been using sex to sell their music with some even joining the X-rated website, OnlyFans, Koffee has been using great songs with positive messages to stay ahead of the pack.

As far, as feeling pressure from the high expectations put on her, Koffee says that pressure cannot conquer her.

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“A lot of people are expecting me to feel pressured, and even I was expecting myself to feel pressured. But this success has presented somewhat of a relief for me. It shows me that so many great things are possible. So instead of putting me in a position where I’m scared now, if I can top it the next time it shows me that many great things are possible, so I just can continue to work and I don’t even know what I can achieve with confidence. So I am just looking forward with positivity and optimism for everything that I really, really can do,” she told a Jamaican news outlet.



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