Was Buju Banton doing Kanye West’s dirty work?

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Kanye West and Buju Banton
Kanye West and Buju Banton

Kanye West is running for the president of the United States, he has zero chance of winning. His sole mission in the race it to take some of the Black and Hispanic votes that would have gone to Joe Biden.

Every vote West takes from Biden increases Donald Trump’s chance of winning the presidency. It is a great strategy on paper but the polls show that it is a strategy that is not working as Biden is leading Trump in all polls and in some case it is a double digit lead.

So with West running in the election not working in taking votes from Biden, did the rapper come up with a new plan?

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The primary reason for Trump trailing in the polls is his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, specifically his refusal to implement a mask mandate or even encourage people to wear mask.

Just couple weeks ago Kanye West was in Jamaica and happened to stop at Buju Banton’s studio. At that time, most people thought maybe there would be a Buju Banton / Kanye West collaboration in the near future. However, when Buju released a video on his Instagram today, it leaves people wondering if it is a political stunt engineered by Kanye West.

In the video, video stressed that the whole mask wearing initiative to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is a fraud and the government is tricking the people.

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“Who fi dead a guh jus dead and who fi live jus gwaan live. Mi nah wear nuh mask,” Buju Banton said in the video.

Buju has great influence and Jamaicans overall have an even larger influence. If Buju can encourage Jamaicans and Black people overall that wearing masks serve no real purpose that would play right into Donald Trump’s hand.

So the question is now being asked; was Kanye in Jamaica to make a deal with Buju Banton to help win Donald Trump the presidency?



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