Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists.

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Donald Trump supporters
Donald Trump supporters

Donald Trump is a racist and we have been saying that since he made the announcement that he was running for President. He said all illegal immigrants were criminals, drug dealers, and rapists. Most illegal immigrants have families and they come here to work.

Trump and his father were taken to court by the federal government two times because they would not rent their apartments to African Americans. During the campaign Trump frequently told African American and Latino voters to vote for him because they had nothing to lose. That was an insult. What does he know about these groups of people? Nothing!

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Trump wanted to keep all Muslims out of the U.S. He put down the Khan family, even though they are gold star parents.

Trump has been seen making speeches where he says he has superior genes. He claims that he comes from a brainy family. I do not know if they are brainy, but Trump surely does not make the grade.

Trump has courted the votes of the white nationalists, KKK, and the Nazis. He did not want to criticize them in any way because he was afraid to lose their votes. Even when he ran, Trump knew he would pick up votes from racist people, hence the wall. The wall is a symbol of his nastiness.

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Trump is a rabid bigot. When he was at one of his country clubs, he even said he felt good there because he was with his “special people.” He was talking about the white, elite, wealthy people. Trump may not march around in a white hood, but he chose Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, and Sebastian Gorka as his aides in the White House. Those are the exhibits which prove Trump’s racism.



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