Bob Marley’s music caused man to go blind, according to court filing.

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Bob Marley string at the sun through sunglasses
Bob Marley string at the sun through sunglasses

An Oregon man is suing the Bob Marley Estate for $20 million.  The man claims that he is now partially blind after listening to one of Bob Marley’s songs and doing what Bob did in the song.

Louis Thompson who is 47 years old says in the court filings that he is not sure why he listened to the lyrics and followed what it says but he wishes he never did.

“I was going through some tough times and a friend loan me an album by Bob Marley called Talking Blues.  My friend said Bob Marley has some very uplifting songs and his music would make me feel better and forget about my problems for a while,” according to the court filings.

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The man continues in the court filing that it was after listening to the song Talking Blues from the album that all his troubles got worse and it hanged his life forever.

“In the song Bob Marley said: I am gonna stare in the sun, let the rays shine in my eyes.  So I went outside and stare in the sun for about 2 minutes.  The next day I had a headache and blurry vision that did not go away.  Two days later, I went to the doctor and was told that my eyes were severely damaged by the sun as a result of me staring at it.”

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A representative of the Bob Marley estate says the suit is completely baseless and without merit.

“Everyday rappers rap abut shooting people but if you pick up a gun and shoot someone you cannot blame it on a rapper.  It is the same way Bob sung about staring in the sun, so if you try it and damage your eyes, you cannot blame the gong, the representative said.



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