Candace Owens is being pimped by white men, according to Cardi B.

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Cardi B and Candance Owens
Cardi B and Candance Owens

Candace Owens is a low life slut who is being pimped by old racist white men. At least that is the way Cardi B feels about the Republican party’s favorite coon.

Cardi B had time on her hands Sunday night when she posted a stinging video message to conservative personality Candace Owens.

The Grammy award-winning performer, who refused to show her face on camera because she was under the weather, held nothing back in her address to Owens, who Cardi accused of harassing her online for her support of Democratic Party.

“I don’t know why the devil been fucking trying me today but I’m going to give demons a response,” the Bronx rapper said in the opening of the video.

Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almánzar, said that Trump supporters had been harassing her online due to her previous endorsement of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary and later of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Trump supporters like Candace Owens and Fox News, she said, had been targeting her for her politics and recently doing a sit-down interview with Biden.

“Why wouldn’t Joe Biden sit down with me? I have millions of followers and I pay millions in taxes … I’m heard all around the word,” she said. “The same way I get people to pop their p***y and have a good time and make them feel like a bad bitch — I can also encourage millions of followers to go vote.”

While she had remained silent about the internet hate, Cardi said things came to a head when her sister, Hennessy, and her sister’s girlfriend were harassed by Trump supporters in the Hamptons during the Labor Day holiday weekend.

“You want to call me a dumb bitch, you want to call me illiterate … girl, you’re getting pimped out by White men,” said Cardi B. “You have been this man’s cheerleader. You’re a beautiful Black woman, you talk great, amazing … and this man didn’t have the decency to let you talk at the Republican convention.”

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Cardi also pointed out that Trump instead had the Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron, speak at the RNC, despite not yet making any announcement about the police shooting of Breonna Taylor who was shot dead in her own home on March 1

She then turned her attention back to Owens. “I don’t know what Black man broke your heart … that you hate your kind so much,” said Cardi, who vowed to continue telling her millions of followers to vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 3, despite Republicans and conservative voices like Owens who’d rather she stay silent.



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