Jamaicans living abroad should stop sending barrels to Jamaica.

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Shipping barrels to Jamaica
Shipping barrels to Jamaica

Jamaicans living abroad are often times a lifeline to their family and friends back on the island. Jamaicans at home depend on those abroad for support. In return, when Jamaicans who live abroad visit their homelands they are treated like kings and queens.

There is one problem with Jamaicans living abroad, however, and it is not their fault. It is just that Jamaicans are born into a system where we are brainwashed into believing that whatever the white man produce is better than what the Black man produce. As a result of this brainwashing, Jamaicans abroad love to pack barrels filled with foreign goods and ship back to Jamaica. This self-destructive practice needs to stop and it needs to stop immediately.
Instead of spending and average of 500 USD to fill a barrel, another 100 USD to send the barrel and then yet another 150 USD to clear the barrel; it would be more beneficial to just send that 750 USD.

Whenever a barrel is sent to Jamaica instead of money, the sender is helping the economy of the country where the barrel was shipped from and at the same time hurting the Jamaican economy. When a family receives a barrel with food and clothes from the United States, that is food they are consuming that they did not have to purchase from a local farmer; likewise they are wearing clothes that was not made by a local dressmaker or tailor.

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If Jamaicans abroad stop sending barrels and send money instead, then that money will circulate in Jamaica.
Sending money instead of barrels is the single most important thing that Jamaicans can do to uplift Jamaica. Of course those living on the island would have to be disciplined with the money and make sure that it is spent on things that were produced and made in Jamaica. So instead of buying American food at MegaMart they would have to go to the market and buy food that was planted by Jamaican farmers. They would need to start buying meat from Jamaican butchers where the livestock was actually raise in Jamaica.

According to the Jamaican Government, the wharves in Jamaica clear about 3,000 barrels per and that number triples in November and December for the Christmas season. That is around 36 million USD per year worth of foreign goods that Jamaicans abroad send in barrels to Jamaica each year. Imagine if instead of barrels that 36 million was sent in cash to circulate in Jamaica? The economy would be so good; the Jamaican unemployment rate would drop to single digits. In fact, if Jamaicans abroad send cash instead of barrels, there would be no reason for scamming and Black Jamaicans would be as wealthy as the Chinese Jamaicans.

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Of course we must reiterate that for the cash instead of barrels in bettering Jamaica, the Jamaicans on the receiving end must be disciplined in making sure that they spend the money on Jamaican products and produce. If the cash is spent on foreign products within Jamaica then it would be no better than sending the barrels in the first place.
Jamaicans in Jamaica, encourage your family and friends about to send cash instead of products and make sure you spend them money on “Made in Jamaica”. Jamaicans abroad, stop sending barrels and send cash only and encourage the recipients to only spend the money on “Made in Jamaica.”

If Jamaicans start doing this, look how quickly the Jamaican economy will flourish.



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  1. Good article. Makes sense. Stop nyam foreign food. It’s not good anyways and only supports Foreigners. And some tools and equipment to farm and fish. Computers and Phones also will help educate and teach kids to make money from internet. Makes alot of sense.

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