Ishawna and LA Lewis caught in compromising sexual situation.

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Ishawna and LA Lewis
Ishawna and LA Lewis

LA Lewis has done what Foota Hype could not do or did not want to do. The 7 Star general has given Ishawna equal rights under the Jamaican constitution for bowcats.

Having been caught on camera eating Ishawna, dancehall artiste, LA Lewis, is seeking to get more entertainers to admit that they are also into biting insects.

Ishawna and LA Lewis almost broke the internet after a video of them in a compromising sexual position made the rounds on social media.

“Yeah man, a me a eat Ishawna. I deliberately leggo the picture not as a publicity stunt, but to let Jamaican man dem know that a modern time now and dem have to leggo off a the foolishness and stop hide,” LA Lewis.
Ishawna did not say how long LA Lewis has been giver her equal rights but she claims that he is not the only dancehall artiste to give it to her.

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The video show LA Lewis’ head between Ishawna’s highways to heaven as he give her a pleasing with his face what his waist could not do.

“Me and Ishawna cool and her body is clean. I was recently in St Marteen, and after being in countries outside of Jamaica, I realize that we are way behind time. Other than Vybz Kartel, Ninja Man and a couple others, I am one of the most influential person in Jamaica, so when the man dem see LA Lewis a dweet, dem a go just come out a dem shell,” he said.

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“Me support the lifestyle, and as me say, a whole heap a top man a dweet. It is all about pleasing you partner. A nuff time me get it and me partner used to ask me back fa and me na dweet, but me decide to dweet now,” he said.

Ishwana and Doctor Love were also involved in biting insects over the summer.



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