Comparing Gay Struggle to Black Struggle in an insult.

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Gay struggle vs. Black struggle
"Gay Struggle" is not the same as Black struggle.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) MOVEMENT

Discrimination, aggression, victimization or any other forms of oppression and subjugation against any people is a crime.

Let’s focus! Black People, Latinos and women are groups fashioned by the Creator, as are all other Ethnic groups.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups are not from the same origins or classification. They are a group trying to establish an ideology. So while human rights and civil rights applies to Black People, Latinos, Women and human beings in general, it does not apply to the LGBT.  Individually they belong to a legitimate ethnic group and are entitled to the same protections offered to that group.

For the LGBT to compare their gay struggle to that of those groups of people who suffered such despicable inhumane acts; because of unjustified prejudices of other Peoples; is a slap to the face of the victims. Nevertheless they advocate for full acceptance in society.

Who are these people and what are they fighting for? They are Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transsexuals. Their fight is to make this way of life an acceptable part of everyday living. The main goal of this movement is social equality; building LGBT communities and working towards liberation from what they call a phobia. They are very committed to this cause and have numerous organizations active worldwide.

This is an epidemic taking over governments, media, religions, schools, Daycares and food markets. You cannot escape it today! It’s everywhere! It’s a disease from the dark side: It infects physically and psychologically (mind and emotions), also genetically, creating a conflict in gender origination and identification.

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Some aspects of this illness can be treated. Personally I have seen people who claim this orientation changed, just from simple constructive reasoning. But this is when it’s just an emotion, a position taken by choice; but any forms of therapy or treatments proposed are vigorously opposed by the LGBT community.

They claim that: “Such attempts are based in religious beliefs that perceive gay, lesbian and bisexual activity as immoral”. However, it’s much more difficult when it’s a birth defect or an assault on normal human behavior. For instance you can see boys functioning as girls and girls with boyish tendencies from their childhood. In this case, it is innate but abnormal. In the same way we have people who are hermaphrodites (A female with both a vagina and a penis or vice versa). This is real but not normal. Cancer cells are real but not normal. They are regular cells that have become infected and defective. And if we cannot rid ourselves of them, it eventually kills the body. “(An assault on normal human behavior)”.

There’s a set of people who is bent on destroying everything that is good about life. They are the ones that beat the drums for war, vanity and immorality. Getting this group to change perception is dame near impossible.

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We are not in any way or form advocating violence against the LGBT!  These people are sick and seriously needs help. They even go as far as adopting children, exposing them to this life that is incapable of reproducing something so precious: A child! Really! What is your point? When the child begun its conscious growth and ask: Mommy and mommy! Or daddy and daddy! Where do babies come from? What will your answer be? From a stork? That will only work for a little while; but when the child grows to the age of understanding and are cognizant of life; what will you say then? From the children’s market?

Children are naturally curious and inquisitive: Can you imagine the level of confusion this poses: It’s just not right. But be very alarmed! This is just a part of a larger problem. Our food and water supplies are tainted and laced with chemicals to sterilize the population. All aspect of the human experience will be completely artificial in the so-call civilized world. This is the doom of humanity, and it is now legal nationwide in The United States of America. This piece is not a phobia.  There are people who would rather not have their children exposed to this crap. 

Homosexuality by choice is filth. Homosexuality by genes is a sickness.




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  1. So are you saying here that gay people haven’t suffered despicable inhumane acts because if you are then this article is nonsense and you should go educate yourself

    • That is exactly what I am saying. Show me where gays were stolen from a land and thrown in a strange land. Show me where they were enslaved for generations. For crying out loud, just last week five innocent Black people were murdered in their church. Show me where things like these have happebed to gays.

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