Bunny Wailer’s 13 children are not pleased with the way his affairs are being handled in death.

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Bunny Wailer
Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer’s 13 children are not pleased with the way the Reggae legend’s manager, Maxine Stowe, has been handling his affairs since he passed away and are concerned that is upcoming burial is not “with the respect and honor befitting the King.”

The children are also not pleased with the little effort being put into finding Bunny’s lifelong partner, Jean Watt, who has been missing since last year.

“We are asking everyone to continue sharing her picture and the documentary on YouTube, WailnSoul: Searching for Sis Jean, to assist us in finding her,” the children implored.

“Her disappearance has also affected us, her children, borne by different mothers, but in true African tradition, we will always continue to love and recognize Sister Jean as our mother!” the children stated in a joint release.

The children also stated that since Bunny Wailer died, Maxine Stowe has been “unsupportive” and “a large source of additional stress”.

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“We recognise that Maxine Stowe has worked as a manager for Bunny Wailer, and for that, we say thank you. Our uncle, Carl Livingston, who is co-executor along with our brother Abijah, cannot legally represent us, neither can he, on his own, authorize Maxine as the family’s representative,” the release said.

The family shared that their uncle invited Stowe to a family meeting about Bunny Wailer’s burial plans, and there was a request for all parties to stay out of the media spotlight. “The days following, Maxine, in breach of the joint agreement, did interviews on radio, television and print media. Further, she has been announcing our private funeral arrangements to the public without our consent. Consequently, as Bunny Wailer’s children, we are asking her to cease and desist from all engagements on behalf of the Livingston family.”

There was also a plea for the return of Bunny Wailer’s sceptre, which Kamara Livingston said Stowe is “walking around with”. The release said, “Our father’s sceptre is sacred. This sceptre, along with his medallions, must be returned to the family to be buried with him, should we so decide.”

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In an interview with Entertainment Report (ER) last Friday, Stowe had the sceptre with her. She told ER that it was “Bunny’s Solomonic staff, and I have it as a form of protection”.

The children of Neville O’Riley Livingston (aka Bunny Wailer) said that they “recognise that there is still a long road ahead, and that is why, now more than ever, it is imperative that we unite in our father’s love”. Bunny Wailer, a co-founder of iconic reggae group The Wailers, passed away on March 2 at the Medical Associates Hospital in St Andrew. He was 73.



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