Why isn’t Marijuana being tested for the treatment of Coronavirus?

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In the song “Legalize it”, the reggae prophet, Peter Tosh, sung of all the benefits of marijuana and one of those benefits was the treatment of the flu virus. So if coronavirus is a form of flu, why aren’t the healthcare professionals turning to marijuana as a treatment for corona as the virus threatens to become a pandemic?

When Tosh first mentioned the health benefits of the herb, his message was dismissed as foolishness by the haters of Rasta and lovers of the Babylon System. There were those who said that Tosh was giving excuses for hippies to consume marijuana. As the years roll by, however, learned health scientists from the top universities around the world such as Harvard, Yale and Oxford had to admit that the reggae superstar was telling the truth.

So it is no longer a secret and the fact cannot be disputed about all the ailments that marijuana can treat and cure. So it is rather astonishing that with all the pharmaceuticals companies being invited to the white house to find a cure for coronavirus, there were no marijuana companies among the invitees?

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One has to wonder if marijuana coupled with the coronavirus is a combination that can bring about a massive change of hands in wealth. If it is found that marijuana can treat and cure coronavirus than that would mean that marijuana farmers in Jamaican and throughout the Caribbean are sitting on pots of green gold. Of course this will not sit well for pharmaceutical companies.

While data around coronavirus has been scarce, there is one fact that is known. Of all the corona deaths around the world, none of them were users of marijuana. What would be interested and difficult to find out is how many of those who tested positive for the virus were users of marijuana. Or better yet, how many who were exposed to the virus but never got infected are regular marijuana users. This kind of data is easy to get with a little coordination between the governments of that various countries that have been impacted by the virus. It boggles the mind that something so simple is not being done.

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Maybe world leaders just cannot stand the idea of having a reason where it is almost impossible to oppose marijuana legalization and more importantly having a world where almost every human is a consumer of the herb. Marijuana brings about free thinking; the last thing world leaders want is a world of free thinkers.

So even if it means hundreds of thousands of even millions dying, leaders including Donald Trump would rather that than to take a chance at marijuana legalization.



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