The real reasons men cheat.

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Amber Rose
Amber Rose

It’s the age old puzzle that women of all walks of life have tried to figure out, the reasons men cheat. Some have broken it down to three simple words: MEN ARE DOGS. However in the book, “I did not sign up for this”. the author, Gigi James explains why one woman is just not enough for a man. Below is an excerpt from the book:

Well, anyway every man needs five women in his pocket. We’ll
call them Women A, B, C, D, and E. The role of Woman A is the
wife. She is the number one, the Queen of his castle. The one who
takes care of everything for him and he does the same for her. The
Man makes sure that he doesn’t disrespect what he has with Woman A out in the open. She is the keeper for life and the one he loves and puts on a pedestal. The one he takes out in public. Everybody knows that she is his woman.”

“However, she can’t know about B, C, D or E, but they can and
will have to know about her. If the Man is with one of them and she
calls, it’s time for him to go,” we learned from Ron.
“Yeah, but should one of the women drop out; the others can
succeed to the higher position,” Shawn continued. Brenda was definitely intrigued by this information as she put down her food to give him her undivided attention. Brenda never puts down her food,
“Ok, now the rest of the women,” she pushed Shawn, “Woman B
is the back up to Woman A. She takes over when Woman A slips up in her duties to the Man. A lot of women think they’re Woman A, but in actuality they’re Woman B and the Man is just waiting for a Woman A to come fill the slot. Woman B can know about Woman A. But she can never know about Woman C, D, or E. She has the potential to cause a lot trouble if she does.”

“Woman C is the friend with benefits. She listens to him, talks
to him, cooks for him, plays video games with him and will even help hook him up with other women. But Woman C never looks for a promotion. She’s just happy to have some kind of attention from the Man. Woman C is great when the Man has broken up with a
Woman A. He may have lost a companion, but he can still get laid
without having to go through the hassle of breaking in someone new.

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A man can have more than one Woman C but he can never have
more than one Woman A—not even a Muslim or a Mormon can
pull that off. He could have more than one Woman B, but that’s just asking for a headache. Woman C is the one with ‘enough love for the both of us’ and will pretty much shave his balls for him if he asked her to.”

“Woman C sounds like the woman with low self-esteem,” I interrupted. That was when Stacey walked in and joined the conversation. “Who cares, Jillian?! That’s a key element in being a successful Woman C! Leave it alone! Woman C knows about everybody and then some. The only catch to Woman C is that she can end up becoming a baby mother. We can get real comfortable around Woman C. Woman C will let the Man do anything in bed. If the Man needs to practice a move, Woman C is the best one to try it out on and she will give him good feedback afterward. Woman C will even let the Man lay pipe up the Hershey Highway”—if that’s his thing.” Shawn had repulsed us with his description of Woman C.

I was positive I wasn’t Woman C. Nobody was going to practice bad sex with me—unless he was a virgin.

“Shawnâ”I got two words for you: video camera. Get one!” he
really provoked my sarcasm.
“Your friend, Alicia is a great Woman C. She hangs out with us,
smokes with us and gives us advice on chicks sometimes.” Ron
enlightened us just before making me put down my chicken lo mein
noodles because he was turning my stomach.
“Then she turned around and gave us a roll in the sack. Woman
C either has very low self esteem or very high self esteem, it’s never in between. She never gets jealous of the other women. If she does, she won’t reveal it.” I knew something about Alicia they didn’t; she had a frequent flyer card at Planned Parenthood.
“So why not make Woman C a Woman A?”

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“Jillian, we don’t want anyone to know that we have sex with
Woman C! We like a little challenge in our lives. Woman C never
challenges the Man, gives him any lip or nags him or complains.
She’s not his woman; she’s his friend. She is not involved romantically and she had better not stick her hand out on Valentine’s Day. There are no emotional strings attached. It’s just sex.” It sounded to me that Woman C was also a whore and completely amoral. Stacey and I agreed that we could kick Woman C’s ass. Brenda, on the other hand, admitted to being a Woman C. She didn’t want to be emotionally committed to a relationship while she was finishing college. She just wanted to satisfy her needs every now and then with a guy of equal value.

Brenda made it clear to us that she wouldn’t get sexually
involved with a guy who already had a significant other because that
was asking for more trouble than being with a guy who wasn’t tied
down and looking for a steady relationship. I respected that.

“Now we’re down to Woman D,” Shawn continued. “Woman D
is that chick the Man met yesterday or today that he uses to test his
skills to just see if he still has game. You know, to see if he’s still got it going on. Woman D does not necessarily have to get laid, but she does have a very important role to the Man’s ego. Every woman has been a Woman D at some point in time. However, she can move up or down in status before getting hit off. It depends on how good her game is.” Ron interrupted and reminded us of his long distance relationship back in high school with this girl he met named, Trina. She started out as Woman D and as they continued to correspond, she moved her way up to Woman A.



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  1. Hi Gigi, your article was to busy for a cheating man. I guess it’s your opinion on why men cheats. I think you are way off the mark because the truth is its very simple why some men cheats it’s the same reason why some women cheats. For sex and more sex, for happiness, for compatible, for money. People cheats because they can men and women.

  2. Yup we cheat cuz we can get away wid it. Not all men or women are cheaters. I’ve played my games but now I’d accept death before cheating on my Wife, and I could only hope she reciprocates. “Up the Hershey highway” ha ha ha, that’s the first time heard this. BRILLIANT!!!

  3. In a word, biology. “Promiscuity” in men endowed our ancestors with a selective advantage that in someway made our survival more likely. It is, in that regard, as important a part of our history as anything else. Value judgements all but ignore this fact.

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