3 Black churches are burned to the ground in 10 days and Black atheists could not be happier.

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Black Christians
Black Christians

In the span of 10 days, 3 historical Black churches in Louisiana have been burned to the ground. Law enforcement including the FBI says the fires are very suspicious. Many believe that the fires are racially motivated. One group does not care whether the fires were intentionally set or if they are racially motivated, they just want to see all Black churches destroyed and this group is the Black atheists.

“I feel like bombing a church, now that I know that the preacher is lying,” those are the lyrics of Bob Marley in the song Talking Blues and those are also the sentiments of the Black atheists across the world. Where Black Christianity ends, Black progress begins.

The Black atheist is different than any other atheist. White or Asian atheists are atheists because they just don’t believe in God. Black atheists on the other hand, not only do they not believe in God but they believe the Christian God and the Christian church is responsible for the root of Black man’s oppression.

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To Black atheists, the Black churches sitting on every corner in every Black neighborhood is as dangerous to Black people as the liquor stores that sit on every corner in every Black neighborhood. In their minds, the Holy Bible was more lethal to the Black race than the guns that the barbaric Europeans brought to Africa. In fact, Black atheists believe that the first step for Black redemption is to get rid of all Black churches and wipe the concept of a Christian God out of the minds of Black people.

“I have no White God, don’t teach me anything wrong. Would a white God save me from white man’s oppression?” That’s a question posed by Sizzla in the song No white God and is also the question posed to Black Christians by Black atheists. Black atheist see Black Christians as silly being praying to a white Jesus that never answered a single one of their prayers during the 400 of slavery nor the over 100 years after slavery. Only a fool would worship an all-powerful God that has the ability to solve all problems but has chosen to keep the Black man in a world of problems for over 400 years, is the sentiment of Black atheists.

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“The devil made you a slave and he gave you a bible,” are lyrics of Ice Cube in the song When I get to heaven an again these are sentiments echoed by the Black atheists.” They see the bible has nothing but a tool to keep Black people calm and docile while drowning in the seas of oppression. In their eyes, not only does the bible justify physical slavery but it has kept Black people as mental slaves and will continue to do so until they shun religion.

So while law enforcement continues their investigation in the burning of these Black churches, the Black atheists are celebrating because in their minds, Black Christianity and Black progress cannot coexist.



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