Buju Banton and Dalton Harris might be doing a song together.

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Buju Banton and Dalton Harris
Buju Banton and Dalton Harris

Jamaicans could not have asked for a better week. Not only Jamaicans, but lovers of Jamaican music and culture are having one of the best weeks ever. The week started with Jamaican Dalton Harris winning the X-Factor and ends with Buju Banton being release from prison after serving ten years on drug charges.

So now the big question that everyone wants to know is, will these two sons of Jamaica make a song together?

If you have been following Dalton Harris’ on his X Factor journey then you know that is manager is Donovan Germain. Guess who was Buju Banton’s former manager? Not only was he a former but he is also a good friend of the deejay? Yes, you guessed it, none other than Donovan Germain.

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Germain also figures to be a part of Buju’s upcoming “Long walk to freedom” tour, so fans should not be surprised to see the Dalton step out on stage with the Banton.

Couple all of the above with the fact that Buju Banton is great when it comes to the singer deejay combinations as he and Beres Hammond have created numerous dancehall reggae classics together. Of course some new gems from this pair are expected now that Buju is free. But wouldn’t it be a joy to see the Banton link up with the Dalton Harris?

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One thing is for sure though, if the two do decide to work together, whether it is in the studio or backstage, there probably won’t be any sitting in laps going on.



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