Jamaican-born NYC dentists offer to fix Buju Banton’s teeth.

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Buju Banton teeth
Buju Banton teeth

Buju Banton was a hot topic this week after releasing a video rant opposing the wearing of masks. A side topic developed after online fans started commenting about the Banton’s bottom teeth.

Two New York-based Jamaica-born dentists; Dr Dwight Williams and Dr Kerisa Harriott are now offering their services free of charge to give Buju a brighter smile.

Dr Williams who is the founder of the Optimum Dental Care, a multi-specialty dental group practice located in north Bronx, New York, said despite appearance, Buju Banton could be cavity free and just have extreme tartar build up.

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“People are ridiculing Buju’s teeth like they are in extremely bad shape but they are not. I would have to do an X-ray to know for sure but with the naked eyes it seems to me like just years of tartar build up that we often see with smokers,” Dr Williams said.

Dr Williams says the service he is offering Buju would include a tartar removal process that includes deep cleaning, scaling and root planing.

“After the tartar removal, we would then give him a chloride treatment to whiten and restore the teeth natural color,” Dr Williams said.

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The doctor said that have reached out to Buju’s camp and if the artist accepts the offer, they would fly down to Jamaica to perform the procedure as soon as possible.



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