Blood Diamond is still taking place, but who cares.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Blood diamond
Hands chopped off in Darfur for Diamonds

Think “Blood Diamond” is so few years ago? Think again. The practice is still rampant in Africa.


blood diamond3

blood diamond 2

blood diamond

The images above paint a vivid picture of a harsh reality. For every African-American sporting the latest diamond laced bracelet on their writs, there are thousands of African children sporting no wrists. Unless you have spent your entire lifetime sleepwalking, then you should have an idea of the common bond that the two pictures share. The common bond is one of profit by any means necessary. One can’t help but to ask how far we humans have really progressed from say five hundred years ago.

On one side we have rebel forces in Angola and Sierra Leone spreading carnage, pain, destruction and death to even the women and babies. These rebel forces are primarily funded by the illegal trading of diamonds (“conflict diamond”). In the middle you have DeBeers, Zale, Tiffany and other major western corporations that benefit tremendously from these immense sufferings. Then on the other side we (not all of us) sport these diamonds as a symbol of “I have made it, look at me!” The irony is, when we use these diamonds to celebrate that we have made it, we are also celebrating the thousands of our people who did not make it, and for those in Sierra Leone who did make it, many have no limbs to show for it. Using these diamonds to celebrate our status is very similar to celebrating Columbus’ day. The only difference is on Columbus’ Day we celebrate genocides that took place years ago, while with these diamonds we are celebrating genocides that are still taking place. Bling Bling!

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Now we have DeBeers coming out and saying that only one percent of the entire diamond trade includes conflict diamond. Well of course, what else would they say? As any corporation ever said anything that could negatively affect their profits? These corporate clowns will say exactly what Wall Street wants to hear and could care less how many African babies are killed or lose a limb or two because of their false statements. So before you invest in your next bling bling, please take a moment to think think.

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