Should a woman ever pay on the first date?

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Couple on a date
Couple on a date

It is almost an unwritten law that when a man and a woman goes out on a date the man pays for the date. At least that’s the way it was before the Beyonce era, before every female wanted to be Miss Independent or Miss “I don’t need no man”. After a man muster the confidence to ask a girl on a date and she says yes, his next task was to muster up the cash to take her on said date. Whether that is still the case is up in the air.

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Is a man still required to pay on a date or has things changed? Maybe it is fifty-fifty now. The man pays half and the woman pays half. Or maybe the one who does the asking does the paying. But whether a woman even ask a man for a first date may be another topic of discussion.

Some are of the belief that a woman should only pay on a date if it is a lesbian couple. For heterosexual couples, however, the man should pay, especially if it is the first date.

I guess there should be no problem with a woman woman paying for a date, after all, that is what equality is about. However, men, regardless of who pays for the date, please get the door.

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What do you think> Should a woman ever pay on a date?



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