Proof that Women enjoy sex more than men.

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Beautiful Black Couple
Beautiful Black Couple

A young Jamaican farmer came home from the farm very tired one day. He looked at his beautiful wife and said: “Darling the work is hard on the farm. My knees hurt from milking the cow, my back hurts from bending to plow the land with the fork and the machete have my hands filled with corns and calluses. Another thing honey, as I climbed the tree to pick you these beautiful mangoes, the trunk scraped and scratched my skin. Honey I think you are going to have to start coming on the farm to help me, the work is just getting to be too much”.

The wife replied, “but darling while you are out doing all of that I make sure you come home to a nice hot dinner and you always have clean ironed clothes to put on. Plus after you eat, take a bath and I massage your aching back I always give you something sweet enough to make up for any amount of pain the farm dishes you”. “Baby, that is true,” said the husband, “but I also give you something that is sweeter than anything else you ever had and I am sure you enjoy what I give you more than I enjoy what you give me.”

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“Nonsense!” the wife said, “we both enjoy sex with each other, there is no way of knowing who enjoys it more.” The man then paused and said, “Baby, put one of your fingers in your ear”. The wife was very astonished, but reluctantly she put a finger in her ear. The husband then said, “Now turn it around and pull it back out, then push it back in and turn it around, then pull it back out then push it back in.” After repeating this for a few seconds the husband said to the wife “Honey, while you were doing that what felt better, your finger or your ear?”

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  1. Men R self centred PIGS who
    ONLY GIV a shit bout themselves n their dick!! NOTHIN a women does is EVER good enuf n NO amount of lovin or great sex will EVER compare 2 all the ‘hard work’ a man does!! Live just ONE fucking day in my world bitch n U will c that the man ALWAYS gets the better end of the stick!!! It has been the same for the last thousand years!!!

  2. So the answer 2 UR question is MEN!! MEN ALWAYS get great sex wen they feel like it!! Wen they DONT but still wana a bit all u get is a half assed culdnt b fucked ‘poke’ n then they fall asleep!! But YEH, sure go ahead DELUDE URSELF if it makes U feel better! Women like love n adore sex n WULD giv it freely IF MEN WERENT SUCH SELFISH ASSHOLES all the fucking time!!! …………. But U gotta remember!!! ITS ALL ABOUT THE MAN!!!!! …….. Fucken IDIOTS!!!

  3. Very negative comments. Sounds like real unsatisfied frustration syndrome. No after glow there!

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