Marriage before sex is stupid and foolish.

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bride and groom
bride and groom

A lot of people are under the misconception that sex before marriage is a big part of society’s ills. I disagree. I think sex before maturity is the cause of some of society’s ills. If you are of the legal age and you understand the risks and responsibilities that come with sex, then you should not be constrained by marriage.

I feel like the idea of having to marry a woman before having sex with her is not only ridiculous but it is a recipe for disaster. People date in order to get to know more about each other and to see if they are compatible. If they are compatible they may decide to move on to a more serious and intimate relationship and eventually marriage, but what about sexual compatibility? Shouldn’t people make sure they are sexually compatible before getting married? In my opinion marrying someone before sex is like buying a car without test driving it.

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Imagine I go to buy a vehicle and fall in love with a nice SUV only to find out that when I get in the vehicle my feet can barely touch the gas pedal. I would not want to be stuck with such a vehicle as obviously my feet are too short for it. If my foot can hardly touch the pedal, then I probably can’t press it hard enough to let the vehicle go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. Or what if my feet can touch the pedal just fine but the car just won’t respond the way it should when its gas pedal is being pressed to the floor. I would hate to be pressing the gas pedal to the maximum yet the vehicle just won’t move accordingly.

I would not want a vehicle that can only handle a straight road. My vehicle should be able to maneuver all corners, curves, hills and it should also be able to swerve in and out of traffic with a certain level of agility. Of course the worst thing that can happen is to believe you are buying a new car, when in fact it has been used, but the mileage were manipulated to fool you into thinking it was new.
If you believe like most people that sex is important in a marriage and if you would not buy a car before test driving it, then you should not marry your partner before engaging in sexual intercourse. You might think you are getting a sweet orange only to be stuck with a sour lemon.

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If buying a car without test driving it is foolish then marriage before sex is equally stupid.



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