Jamaican Men Love Fat Women.

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Fat and Sexy
Fat and Sexy

I am not sure where it started or who started it but there have always been these rumors going around that Jamaican men love fat women. Obviously I can’t speak for every Jamaican man but I think it is safe to say we love all kinds of women. I had a friend from Barbados who was studying at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Jamaica and she used to always tell me how we “only” love fat women.

I remember an American friend of mind was telling me about a reggae club so I asked him if a lot of people frequented the club. He told me the club is always packed but he is not sure if it is packed because it has a lot of people or if it is packed because there were so many fat women taking up the space. His theory was that fat girls frequent the club because it was a reggae club and they know the Jamaican men there love fat women.

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Then a year or so ago I was putting together a co-ed soccer team and asked a good friend of mines to join the team. She said she had no time to be running around chasing a ball and getting sweaty. She is on the chubby side but we are cool like that, so I told her the exercise would be great for her and help her shed some weight. She replied, “But if I lost weight, I would be no longer attractive to you and your countrymen.” Wow! Where did she get that from?

Let me break it down. All men love all type of women regardless of nationality or ethnicity. Plus fat is relative. If a woman weighs 300 pounds but she is fit enough to dance reggae music all night, she does not have high cholesterol, she does not have diabetes, she does not have high blood pressure, and
she is clean then said woman is good to go.

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Have you ever seen when Elephant man calls a big girl onstage? Do you see how she usually moves like she was ready for any Olympic sport? That’s a healthy woman, not a fat woman. Plus what is fat for one man may not be fat for another. If a man can hold a woman up for 10 to 15 minutes in the shower, then she is not fat for him, regardless of her weight. On the other hand, if your woman falls and hurt herself and you have to call your 3 brothers and 2 uncles to help to get her up, then she might be too fat for you.

So again, fat is relative and Jamaicans love healthy women of all sizes and shapes. Stop spreading rumors that, “Jamaican men love fat women.” We love what we can manage.



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  1. I’m fat, I have more boobs then anything. I’m Guyanese, and I love my Jamaican man. But it’s true they mostly want bigger. What’s that about.

  2. Why are people so concerned about what others like. It don’t matter media makes ppl think it’s something wrong if you have extra weight on you and the idea woman should be thin. That’s crazy I love carribean men cause of their high sex drive and craziness. I’m a thick woman who loves a man that can handle me!

  3. slim women are nicer to look at than big fat gross balloons,they are fitter and more feminine looking, who wants a elephant on stilts!!{high heels, lol lol]

    • Really Slim Lady? You sound so juvenile. If you’re really confident about yourself, which I highly doubt you are, you wouldn’t feel the need to resort to childish name calling(fat gross balloons) and body shaming. Oh and I’m not fat btw.

    • You def are hating. Jealousy is ringing hard here. Wake up sis fatter women are in now amd balloon?? Your joking lol

  4. It is not the size it is how you treat a man so big girls are not big elephants we are woman just like skine woman so don’t be so racists on size it is how a person treat you have a bless day my dear

  5. I must confess nothing like a fat woman to me. I need to feel her especially when making love
    I love to see women if all sizes and shape but nothing to me like my big girls.

  6. Im from over here in the U.S. but my Mother and Father are Jamaican and most of my family are from there as well. I always liked plus sized women. Nice thick thighs, nice breast, pretty or beautiful face and a good heart. I could care less about triples on the back of the legs, I’ll cherish and love her just the same. It runs through my blood to love these particular women not that I wouldn’t date other women but more tucker with some chubiness.

  7. Yo my man is jamaican and from time to time him keep glimpsing fat bitches he’d be driving instead for the guy to keep him blood claat eyes on the road he would turn his head I’m medium built so I’m like if you so into flabby for pick my type

    • Fat doesn’t mean flabby stop being so hateful man women should be supporting each other so much jealousy calm down.

  8. I really meant to say if hes into flabby because the mommies I give a break to but why pick my body type because its disrespectful to be starring at any bitch you see in the presence of your woman its hurtful you ladies need stop that shit

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