1000 Pounds of Marijuana from the U.S. seized in Jamaica.

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Marijuana seized in Jamaica
Marijuana seized in Jamaica

Jamaican narcotics agents have seized a load of marijuana found hidden in two shipping containers at wharves in the Caribbean island’s capital.

In a Sunday statement, Jamaican police say investigators found 10 duffel bags stuffed with over 1,000 pounds of compressed marijuana in a shipping container destined for Suriname. Another container destined for the Netherlands had nearly 75 pounds of pot.

Reports are that about 9:00 am, security personnel were unable to locate a particular container and a search ensued. The narcotics police were summoned and upon locating the container, it was found to contain six rectangular parcels with ganja. The container arrived in the island on Friday, August 7, from the United States of America and was destined for the Netherlands.

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Jamaica is believed to be the Caribbean’s largest producer and exporter of pot. Plants are grown mostly on the sides of mountains, swampy areas or hidden among other crops.

Drug law amendments earlier this year partially decriminalized the possession of small amounts of pot in Jamaica. But authorities have not softened their stance on transnational drug trafficking or cultivation of illegal marijuana plots.

A total of 1096.3 pounds of ganja, with an estimated street value of over $20,000 million was seized.

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