Moral Massacre

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Moral Massacre


It was just another day in the life of a gentleman who beautifies yards to survive. He worked for a landscaping company full time. This murderous morning started off like all the others for him. The boss gave him the project sheet for the day. He arrived at the property and got started. He began at the big oak tree on the front lawn; it was cover with weeds from the bottom of the trunk, all over the mulch under the tree all the way out to the sod grass line.

His instruction was to pull the weeds and get as much of the roots out as possible. And so he did; working his way around the tree he suddenly felt a sharp piercing pain on the side of his right hand index finger; he was being stung by a killer Bee. He smashed it in reflex as he holler out “F@%^*+k”! After a brief pause he began pulling the weeds again. The same thing occurred, this time on the left wrist. Again he smashed it and hollered in profanity. So he stopped to look around, searching for a hive. He looked up and around the oak tree and the surrounding palms, he found none. No hive was around.

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Again he proceeded to rid the lawn of the weeds when he was attack by two more Bees. He was swiftly hit with a combination of six stings on both arms as he runaway swatting. When he was done fending them off both his arms felt as though they were paralyzed. Moments later he call the boss and told him the situation and of the excruciating pain his arms and hands were in. The boss told him to hang tough, they must be coming from underground.  He said he’ll be there soon with some chemical weapons (Raid Wasp & Hornet).

The landscaper moved to another location and work through the pain as he awaits the resolution. Eventually the boss showed up with two cans of spray and gave them to him then took off again. The Landscaper finish up in the other location and return to the war zone.

He used a shovel and tap the area under the tree where he was stung, and sure enough a Bee flew up from underground. He unleashed his fire at the spot, backing up as some of the Bees make a run for it escaping into the sun. In less than a minute the whole canister was done. After a bit he took his machete to dig the area around, a patch of ground sunk and out come more Bees so he let off the other bomb. There weren’t anymore movement, all the Bees were gone, massacred in the comb.

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For the landscaper this was a lesson learned, he never knew  Bees build hives underground. Added to that, he felt a weird sensation; his nervous system was shocked, goose pimples rise up all over his body at the sight of all the Bees that lost their lives from the devastation of their home. He felt even worst when a lonely Bee return to the site, and hovered over its dead family. In sadness and great despair it buzzed around then buzzed away. It was a sad day for both the landscaper and the hornet colony.



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