Sexy photo posted on Bob Marley’s Instagram proves how stupid some fans are.

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Sexy picture posted on bob Marley's instagram
Sexy picture posted on bob Marley's instagram

A photo of a man sitting on a car and drinking from a coffee cup while a sexy woman is stooping in from of him was posted on Bob Marley’s Instagram and some fans lost their minds. If one had read the comments without seeing the actual photo they might think the photo was promoting genocides or nuclear wars.

The fact that Bob Marley’s fans would have such negative reactions to something so innocent proves that they are small-minded, pea brain bigots. They complained of how the photo was destroying Marley’s legacy but these same fans had nothing to say when Damian Marley and Nas really took a shot at destroying his legacy in the song Road to Zion.

One of Bob Marley’s greatest legacies was in 1980 when he paid his own way to travel to Zimbabwe to celebrate the country winning its independence from Britain. This independence saw Robert Mugabe taking over the helm as prime minister of the country.

What good is independence if the Black majority remains peasants in their own land while the white minority enjoys all the wealth from the resources of the land? So two decades after independence Mugabe was influenced by a song called “Mandela Beware”, written by Jamaica’s dub poet Mutabaruka.

The song as the name suggests was a message to Nelson Mandela the then president of South Africa but it was Mugabe who took heed and started seizing Zimbabwe’s land from whites and returning it to the rightful Black owners.

Of course, returning the land to Black owners did not sit well with the west so they started a propaganda campaign to discredit Mugabe and label him as an evil villain. As part of the propaganda campaign, the west recruited one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time as well as the son of the man who had traveled to Zimbabwe 20 years earlier to celebrate its independence and the song Road to Zion was born.

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In the song, Nas rapped the following:

Human beings like ghost and zombies
President Mugabe holding guns to innocent bodies
In Zimbabwe
They make John Pope seem Godly

No one got angry at those lyrics that were meant to demonize one of the greatest, if not the greatest African leader ever. However, everyone is now up in arms over a photo of a man and a woman. That is hypocrisy and stupidity at its best.

This is how the west brainwashed young Black minds and make them think that they are not worthy of the things that whites are worthy of. They get influential Black people that young Black youths look up to and have them debase great Black leaders who are doing great things for the advancement of Black people.

Luckily while the song might have poisoned some young minds against Robert Mugabe, it did not stop the movement he started. Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa who took over as president of Zimbabwe after Mugabe has kept the land distribution policy in place.

What Mugabe started in Zimbabwe could also spread through the rest of Africa. Although Mandela did not listen to the words of Mutabaruka, South Africa’s current president. Cyril Ramaphosa is planning to follow in Mugabe footsteps and take back the land from white squatters and returning to Blacks what was stolen from them.

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The song’s verbal lynching of Robert Mugabe did not rile up these same fans that are now riled up over a photo of a man and a sexy woman posted on Bob Marley’s Instagram. Someone needs to inform them that sex between a man and a woman is the most wonderful act as it creates life.

When Blacks regain 100% control of Africa, history will show that Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe played a major role in the process. It is difficult to think of Zimbabwe’s independence and not think of Bob Marley. When rappers and reggae artists destroy Mugabe’s legacy aren’t they in some form destroying Zimbabwe’s legacy and aren’t they also in some form destroying Bob Marley’s legacy? That’s what the fans should be angry about not a man posing with a woman in a sexually suggestive manner.

In 1980 while Bob Marley was in Zimbabwe and over a decade before Buju Banton released Boom Bye Bye, there was a hit dancehall song topping the charts in Jamaica with the following lyrics:

A man to a man, dem a battyman
A woman to a woman, dem a lesbian
A man to a woman that is style and fashion.

The photo on Bob Marley’s Instagram is not a sin, it is style and fashion, nothing to be angry about. Not wanting to see Africa’s land returned to Black people, that’s something to be angry about.



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