No reparations for slavery but white farmers in Zimbabwe will receive compensation.

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White farmers in Zimbabwe
White farmers in Zimbabwe

For every great and brave Black man that has the courage to stand up and do something courageous to advance the Black race, there are hundreds of Black imbeciles ready to be obstacles for Black progress. Nowhere is this more evident than in Zimbabwe where a necessary move started by former president Robert Mugabe is being undone by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

During the Mugabe presidency, his government seized the farmlands that were stolen by whites during the colonial era and returned the land to Black Zimbabweans. 4,500 white farmers had to rightfully give back the land which was then disbursed to 300,000 Black families.

The move by Mugabe was the right thing to do and a great precedence for the rest of Africa to follow, however, it did not sit well with the west as their interest is to see white dominance in every country around the world with a Black majority.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government sees the paying of compensation to white farmers as key to mend ties with the West who stopped trading with Zimbabwe once Mugabe began the land reform movement.

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Colonialists seized some of the best agricultural land and much of it remained in the hands of white farmers after independence in 1980, while most Blacks were landless.

To regain the land that the colonizers stole, sometimes the Mugabe government had to use force as most whites refused to give back the land to its rightful owners. The west seized on this as an opportunity to paint Mugabe as an evil monster by spreading propaganda in the western media.

The west even recruited Black celebrities to advance their agenda. For example, in the song “Zion” by Damian Marley and Nas, the rapper said, “President Mugabe holding guns to innocent bodies in Zimbabwe. They make John Pope seem Godly”. Whatever happened to “Arm in arm with arms… Africans a liberate Zimbabwe.”

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These white farmers knew that the land was ill-gotten, yet they refused to return it to Blacks, that is hardly an act of innocence but it proves that for the right price, Black influencers can be paid to say anything that will impede Black progress.

So here we are more than a hundred years since the abolishment of slavery and Blacks have not received a penny in terms or reparations. Yet, only 20 years after losing land that was not theirs in the first place, white farmers will begin receiving compensation. Who will Blacks blame for this one?

The good thing about what Mugabe started is that the president of South Africa is getting ready to start a similar movement, hopefully there won’t be too many Black influencers getting in the way.



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  1. Every bit of land owend by whites should be turned of to the native peoples. Forget about making friends, they didn’t care we shouldn’t either

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