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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
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Reggae Gold 2020
Reggae Gold 2020

Reggae Gold 2020 is the annual collection of the best in Dancehall and Reggae Music.

The album features the best in Dancehall and Reggae music from Jamaica, the Caribbean and the United States.

Reggae Gold 2020 includes exclusive tracks from Mr. Bertus, Rasta Progrez, Fitzroy Face, Cane Juice, Melanie and Stormy.

Reggae Gold 2020 also salutes one of Jamaica’s greatest saxophonist ever, the late great Cedric “Im” Brooks.

Reggae Gold 2020 Tracklisting

1. Ganja for life – Mr. Bertus
2. Smile – Fitzroy Face
3. One Day – Rasta Progrez
4. Stepping out of Babylon – Melanie
5.Plastic Smile – Mr. Bertus
6. Fallen Fighters – Fitzroy Face
7. Rise up – Cedric “Im” Brooks
8. Video Light – Rasta Progrez
9. Jah is watching – Cane Juice
10. Jah make the Mountains – Mr. Bertus
11. Life ain’t easy – Cane Juice
12. Smile for a while – Rasta Progrez
13. Blessing – Cosmore
14. Best of me – Fitzroy Face
15. High Horse – Stormy
16. Bloody Street – Rasta Progrez
17. Can I be loved – Charmaine Johnson
18. Mother’s Love – Rasta Progrez

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