Christianity: The main tool that keeps Blacks oppressed.

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At the height of the Ferguson protests over the police killing of an unarmed Black man, just when things were starting to get really heated, the mayor of Ferguson called upon the Black clergy to try and calm the protestors down.

Seeing the Mayor of Ferguson calling out the clergy to pray at a news conference was not surprising but somewhat funny. There is nothing funny about anyone’s faith. The reason why it was laughable is because the purpose of the prayer was to bring a sense of calm to Ferguson, mainly the young protestors. So the same politicians who took God out of the schools were now asking God to help them keep the peace. It seems a bit hypocritical.

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But maybe the politicians were not being hypocritical. Maybe they were just following protocol. The protocol that says if at any point Black people start getting rebellious against the system, just remind them of Jesus Christ and the milk and honey that awaits them on Jordan’s river banks. Of course this milk and honey can only be attained if they endure suffering and abuse here on earth without any form of retaliation. They must be willing to turn the other cheek to aggression at all times, if they want to be rewarded with the ultimate joy and everlasting life.

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Let’s be honest, Europeans brought Christianity to Africa under the guise that it would “tame the savages”. Christianity weakened Black to the point where rather than fight and die for their freedom; they would endure enslavement for over 400 years; all under the belief that when they die a man name Jesus would reward them handsomely for being obedient little sufferers.



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  1. Something that happens very often is that the Bible Jha keep the commandments of God where our true customs and commandments not to be oppressed and mainly talks about the release of his people following these resources are marked matter that the darkest boys skin have not merited under the customs of them with their idolatry are very obvious in all the examples and their gangs and drug voodoo culture as well as music videos which violate the rules as no longer a harlot spite of having so much misery they in Africa, and the world continue to hold harmless and bringing children to suffer from poverty in his hand was poderles avoid.

    Algo que pasa muy a menudo es que la biblia guarda los mandamientos de jha nuestro dios donde se marcan las verdaderas costumbres y mandamientos para no ser oprimidos y sobre todo habla de la liberación de su gente si siguen estos recursos asunto que los chicos mas oscuros de piel no se han meritado bajo las costumbres de ellos que con su idolatría son muy obvias en todos los ejemplos como sus pandillas drogadicción y vudu asi como vídeos de música cultural donde violan las reglas como el no fornicaras y a un asi pesare de tener mucha miseria ellos en áfrica, como en el mundo siguen haciendo y trayendo sin responsabilidad a niños a sufrir de la pobreza que en su mano estuvo poderles evitar.

  2. A man is a man. White men,we have to suffer too in this life. To give love,no hate! Serve love is serve god?! i Isn’t it? I don’t think” love ” is in your life and your mind.REAL HUMANS GIVE LOVE! This god is not mine. “I” pray “my” god ” The great,wonderfull”, to make them realise what they do.If they “were able” to feel love, to see,hhhhh 🙁 they weep.

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