Jamaican men treat women better than American men.

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interracial couple
interracial couple

In a recent discussion triggered by Serena Williams’ marriage to Alexis Ohanian the co-founder of Reddit, a young lady commented that in her opinion, “I personally feel Jamaican men treat women better than American men.”

So to all the single women who are searching for a man, if you want a good man, get yourself a Jamaican man.

So we decided to ask around to see if her assertions were true. We asked women who have been in relationships with both American and Jamaican men to tell us which men treated them better, astonishingly almost all the women we asked said they were treated better by Jamaican.

Here are two young women take on American men versus Jamaican men as it pertains to a romantic relationship:


I am 34 years old, born and raised in America. I have obviously dated American men in the past. Let’s be clear, I am not and cannot say what I am about to say is for all American men but for the ones I have dated it is true. They do not like to work and have no problem looking for a woman to support them. They have children they never see or take care of also. They meet a woman such as me who by the way is well spoken and educated and rather than going on a date they think going to their house is appropriate.

Jamaican men I have dated have always worked and usually more than one job, family is a huge part of their life and that means their kids! They are always well spoken, keep out of trouble for the most part and always look for places to go on dates! And yes, while on that date they pull out chairs, open car doors, and remind me how charming and lovely I am, also insist on paying the bill. And the accent is super sexy and just an added bonus!


I personally don’t date American men because I’m not attracted to them but I have seen how they treat women and calling them bitches and hoes. I only date Jamaican men because we share the same culture and I’m attracted to them. Jamaican I have been with treat me like a queen, take me out to have a good time, and won’t hesitate to work with me as a team unlike American men who are lazy and depend on their women to take care of them and since I have been to America I have seen this and heard it from American women mouths and other race of women and one last thing Jamaican men will take care of their kids, maybe not all but most. I can’t say the same thing about American men. That’s why there are so many single mothers in America.

So to all the single women who are searching for a man, if you want a good man, get yourself a Jamaican man.

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  1. This article has no credibility. Only two testimonies? Where are is the statistical data? This is just propoganda at its finest.The world has something against Black American men because how we are portrayed in the media. I am by the way of Jamaican decent and proud but I have to disagree with this article.

  2. It is really unbelievable that persons are furious that the account of goodness being said about Jamaican men is a problem…if you continue to choose those of your choice then you will always have that experience…you attract who you desire even undesirable

  3. A Jamaican man will take care of his lady. That’s true. Some of the men cheat though, but it aint no different than men from other cultures. Other than that they are great mates. For the moment and over a decade ago, I’m not into marriage, relationships or dating. God is the best thing that ever happened to me and that’s it for now. I’ve had many American friends before but I’m not sure what it’s like being in relationships. All I know is that God has been good to me and He never change.

  4. I married a jamaican man I’m jamerican half and half was born n American I dated both and jamaican man do take care of dere women he will give me the shirt off his back for some might say dey do it for da green card im no dummy his locked up n ma closet so he cant go no where until I’m ready for him to go dis Jamerican is smart

  5. Trying to plant the seeds of division, turning Jamaicans and Americans against each others.. The truth is that there are both good and bad men (and in-between) of all nations. Anyone who thinks nationality determines your traits are an idiot

  6. A whole ass lie. Have 8 girlfriends and only want you around when they feel like it. Heres some money, leave me alone, but hey can I swing by next week for some puss? Lmaoo bye

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