Marijuana can benefit your sex life and relationship, according to new study.

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Marijuana Couple
Marijuana Couple

New research by the University of Buffalo is confirming what a previous study already proved and that is; marijuana usage has a very positive effect on romantic relationships, especially in the bedroom.

“We found robust support for these positive effects within two hours of when couples use marijuana together or in the presence of their partner,” says Maria Testa, a social psychologist at the University and the study’s lead author. “The findings were the same for both the male and female partners as they both experience more intense and enjoyable lovemaking sessions.”

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For the study, Testa and her colleagues found 183 married or cohabitating heterosexual couples that had been living together more than six months, with at least one partner who uses cannabis a minimum of twice a week. Participants were between 18 and 30-years-old and had no history of mental illness or addiction.

During a month-long period, each partner independently reported instances of cannabis use and intimacy events in real-time via their smartphones. Researchers limited events attributable to the drugs to a two-hour window after the fact, according to previous studies showing that cannabis’ effects diminish after about two or three hours.

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The study also finds that when couples who smoke marijuana break up, they look for partners who also smoke marijuana because of the joy they get from the drug.



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  1. I would say good for those who smoke and I would rather be natural than taking pot because smoke ruins your lungs just like cigarette does thank you.

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