Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez; beautiful women who can’t keep a man.

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Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez
Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez

Beauty can attract a man but it cannot keep a man. To prove this point one just has to look at two women who were at some point listed among the most beautiful women in the United States. The two women are Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez. Beauty is not the only thing these two women have in common as they have both had a difficult time making a relationship works.

Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry have gone through as many men as the movies and television series that they have appeared in. Whether it is them who can’t be with a man for too long or it is men who can’t be with them for too long, only they know. One thing that is public knowledge, however, is that regular women who go through that many men are considered sluts and whores.

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Below are just some of the men these women have been romantically involved with. This list just includes the celebrities, not the regular non-famous guys they have dated.

Halle Berry:

The late Heavy D, Kevin Costner, Danny Wood, John Ronan, Wesley Snipes, Eddie Murphy, Christopher Williams, David Justice, Shemar Rowe, Eric Benet, Fred Durst, Steve jones, Michael Early, Gabriel Aubrey and Olivier Martinez.

Jennifer Lopez:

Chris Paciello, Wesley Snipes, Ojani Noa, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony, Rodrigo Santoro, Bradley Cooper, Casper Smart and Maksim Chmerkovsky.

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Is Wesley Snipes a lucky man or what? That lucky dude got to Wesley pipes both J. Lo and Halle. Wow!

So what could it be why these very beautiful and very successful women can’t seem to hold on to a man?



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  1. They’re probably have too much going on, busy enjoying life and their careers. Probably not ready to tie themselves down to one high maintenance man yet. It’s not only men that choose carefully and fear commitment. My guess is that a the article was written by a man, reinforcing the sexist view of treating women like goal-keepers. Let’s not forget poor Wesley who doesn’t seem to be able to keep a beautiful woman. C’mon guys, wake up, players are just not keepers, like men, eye-candy just isn’t enough to seal the deal for a high quality women.

  2. It probably has something to do with their
    personalities, core issues, expectations,
    as well as secondary agendas they may
    or may not be willing to recognize – and
    the partners they choose via their internal
    filters. Being able to sustain a long term
    primary relationship requires more than the
    external trappings of physical beauty, or
    material wealth… It means being the right
    person yourself, and choosing to be with
    a mate who is also self-actualized.

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