How white people consume marijuana.

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White people consuming marijuana
White people consuming marijuana

Over the years marijuana lovers have come up with hundreds of ways to consume marijuana. Some smoke it, some bake it in brownies, some boil it and drink it as a tea and of course, most people smoke it.

As marijuana is being legalized in more and more states, white people are having a lot of parties and they are finding new and very creative ways to get high from the weed.

Below is a video of one of the most creative ways white people have come up with to consume marijuana.

At this specific party, everyone is white but you might think you are at a Jamaican party as reggae music is the music of choice. “Ganja 4 life” is a song by reggae star Mr. Bertus that seems to be one of the favorites at all these parties and it happens to be the one playing in the video above. In fact, Mr. Bertus’ entire album JAHBIRTH seems to be loved by most marijuana lovers.

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Listen to the full “Ganja 4 life” song by Mr. Bertus as well as other songs for marijuana lovers on Spotify.

So how do you think of the creative way they are consuming the marihuana in the video above? Is it something you would try?

If you have videos of marijuana being consumed in creative or weird ways that would love to share, please email them to us at 18karatreggae @



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