Meghan McCain makes it easy to agree with the president’s disrespect of her father.

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Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain

The media has tried to portray the late Senator John McCain of Arizona as an honorable man especially after he was diagnosed with brain cancer but his daughter, Meghan McCain, is a stark reminder of who he really was. However, that portrayal could not be farther from the truth. McCain was a war hero, yes, but honorable he was not.

In the latter part of his life, it became easy to overlook and even forget that the late senator was a bigot but watching his daughter on the view and seeing some of the stances she takes and the things she says, it is a stark reminder that she has the blood of racist bigot running through her veins.

When Meghan announced on the view that she was for the wall along the Mexican border, the question was posed that pondered whether supporters of the border wall were racists. Meghan’s response should have been shocking but it was not and that goes to show most of America has bought into the false narrative of John McCain being a man of high character.

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“I am John McCain’s daughter, I am not someone who sits here and is OK with racism,” was Meghan’s response to the question, as if being from John McCain’s bloodline and being a racist were mutually exclusive. Someone needs to give Meghan a little history lesson and remind her that her father’s past is just as racist as the President’s present.

In 1983, John McCain voted against the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. In fact, his state of Arizona rallied behind him and his bigoted and refused to honor the holiday even after it was passed on the federal level. It was this racist move that John McCain was a major part of that inspired the Public Enemy’s song “By the time I get to Arizona.”

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John McCain also voted against the civil rights act of 1990 that aimed to ban employment discrimination at American businesses.

The above are just the tip of the iceberg. The late senator has a history of voting against civil rights legislation. It would do Meghan McCain well to do a little research on her father’s voting history before spouting off at the mouth. Saying she is not racist because of her is John McCain is ludicrous. She has the blood of a bigot running through her veins. Yes, the late senator and the current president were often at odds but they are two peas in a pod.



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