Favorite lines from Jamaican movies.

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Jamaican Movie Shottas
Jamaican Movie Shottas

Jamaican movies are mostly low budget movies. So the finance that goes into these movies are nowhere near their American counterparts. When it comes to creativity, however, Jamaican movies are where is it at. While Jamaican have midget size budget, they have giant size creativity.

There are some lines in in movies that lasts forever, lines that you think about as soon as the movie is mentioned. Like “say hello to my little friend” from the movie Scarface.

Anyone who watched the Jamaican movie, The Lunatic, will remember when Busha was scolding Aloysius for talk to his cows, to which Aloysius responded, “Busha, which cow tell you that me talk to him.” Priceless.

With that I will list some favorite lines in a Jamaican movie or said by a Jamaican in a movie and I bet every Jamaican will be able to tell what movie the line is from. So in nor particular order here are some favorite lines from Jamaican movies:

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1. I don’t beat people, not even children I don’t beat. I wait until they grow up and shoot them.

2. Walk and live, talk and bombo claat dead.

3. Never bring scared business to me, you are looking at the tuffest raas claat Jamaican in the United States of America. I run shit, I kill for nothing.

4. Death is a force of nature just like lightning. The Righteous face it everyday and pass it by, but those with evil in their hearts fear it. That is why there is no reason to slay the wicked. Just leave them to face death and they will perish.

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5. Yu waan dead? Yu ever dead yet? A gwine kill yu claat.

6. Some Christians rude too.

7. Idiot, you can rob on a Sunday, you can kill on a Sunday, you can break into a house on a Sunday, there is nothing special about a Sunday, it is just another DAY!

Can you guess what movies those lines above are from?

What is your favorite line from a movie? (Any movie, not just Jamaican.)



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