Can Koffee win over Vybz Kartel’s fans?

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Koffee and Vybz Kartel
Koffee and Vybz Kartel

Koffee, now known as the Grammy kid after her historic feat of becoming not only the youngest to win a Reggae Grammy Award but also the first solo female is currently riding high. The question now becomes, can Koffee lift dancehall to the heights where she finds herself?

While the Rapture EP is without doubt a classic and will be mentioned in the dancehall reggae history books forever, it was only 5 songs. It was actually the bare minimum to be eligible for a Grammy Award. So one has to wonder if Koffee has what it takes to take dancehall out of the dismal state it now finds itself in.

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With Vybz Kartel not only in prison but also getting up there in age, dancehall needs someone fresh, young and new to take the genre by the reigns and bring it to higher heights. Lyrically and musically, no one is better fit for this challenge than Koffee. But will her conscious lyrics be able to penetrate the hearts and minds of the skin bleachers, dry sex in public dancers and the shottas into her camp?

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There are dancehall fans that are both fans of Kartel and Koffee but the more hardcore fans seems to fall in Kartel’s camp. In fact, if you were to attend a street dance in Jamaica and hear what the selectors play and how fans react, it is fair to say that Shenseea and Spice is more appealing to Kartel’s fans than Koffee. However, neither Spice nor Shenseea had the lyrical capacity to take dancehall to a higher level.

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Whether Koffee has what it takes to win one Vybz Kartel fans remains to be seen. If it would mean lowering her standards to reach those fans, it would not be worth though. No one in the reggae community would want to see the Grammy kid with a bleached out face, spitting over-sexed lyrics and going on the stage half naked.



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