Angel Farrah with her Cali flame is “La Unica” combining Hip-Hop, Jazz and R&B.

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Angel Farrah
Angel Farrah

Expect some refreshing sounds this Spring from the new up and coming artist, Angel Farrah, whose first single “La Unica” is prophetic to whatever else she has in store for us. Her sounds are exactly what the industry needs. La Unica begins to prove that.

Just seconds into the song, Angel makes her intentions clear when she sings, “Fuck all of dem bitches” sang richly and audaciously as the speakers are filled with some good southern cooking on the beat. Sincerity, confidence, smoothness, realness are the vibes of the woman in this song. All in all, the unique swagger of Angel Farrah on the track is breathtaking, may cause chills, and is chill. Her Spanish flare on the track proves that she really may be “La Unica” for our playlists this Spring.

Angel Farrah Fannin a.k.a. Angel Farrah is an American jazz improvisation saxophonist, R&B singer-songwriter, Hip Hop lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist.

Angel Farrah was born in Long Beach, California, USA alongside her twin sister Angela Fannin to an African-American father, Willie Fannin, and Mexican-American mother Blanca Felix, on June 11, 1992. She is 20 minutes older than her sister and they both are musicians.

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Angel began showing interest in music at seven years old and began playing the clarinet in the music room every time she was let out for recess. After that year, Angel lost interest in music and began to shift her focus toward literature and poetry. With her new found interest she began writing short stories and enjoyed writing poems she only showed close friends and family members. This is what gave Angel an edge when it came to composing lyrics for her music. At 10 years of age Angel began to display a prominent interest in Jazz and Classical music and wanted to give music another try. She chose the alto saxophone as her instrument of choice due to being inspired by The Simpson’s episode “Moaning Lisa.” Throughout secondary school Angel began honing her musical knowledge of reading and playing compositions, playing a variety of different instruments (piano, percussion, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, and voice), and performing.

At 20 years of age she worked at Subway. While working there, her sister who is also a musician proposed that they both should start playing again and talked her into playing alongside a Hip Hop artist named Raje. Shortly after, Raje, Angela, and Angel formed a group called End of Discussion that was gaining attention, but unfortunately did not work out. Shortly after, Angel and Angela formed another band called Mahogany Effect alongside a vocalist named Talisa.

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The band loved creating their music as a mix of rock, hip hop, jazz, and r&b.

The band was short-lived, but managed to record a single that is titled “Ready to Deal.” Angel had wrote all the lyrics to the song and played the horn line. Before the band had split, Angel was working on compositions for the band, but never had the chance to release them due the split. She released some of her work in February 2017. Angel finally began to realize she had a knack for songwriting and composing her own pieces on the piano and is making sure to never stop getting her sound out there!

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    • La Unica is what I like to hear from a female artist. 💪🏽🖤 I love that you play the Sax🎷Get it Angel 😍

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