The Top 5 Hip Hop Diss Songs Of All Time.

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hip hop

The recent beef with Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma brought back sweet memories of Nas’ classic Ether. With that we went down memory lane to find the top 5 diss songs in the history of hip hop. Here are the greatest diss songs in the history of hip hop. Let us know if there are any songs o our list that you believe should not be there, also tell us what song you would replace it with.

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#5. Kool Moe Dee – Death Blow. This one is aimed at LL cool J.

#4. KRS-One – The Bridge Is Over. KRS destroys Mc Shan and the entire Queens Bridge in this one (Of course this was before Nas).

#3. Mavado – Tell Battyman Kartel. Some will say this is dancehall. Yes it is but if you know the history of dancehall and hip hop you will know why we had to have this in the list.

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#2. Nas – Ether. This one buried Jay Z

#1. Ice Cube – Vaseline. Ice Cube destroys the entire NWA on this.



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