Bob Marley spat in Black people’s faces way before Etana.

Bob Marley and Etana
Bob Marley and Etana

The load is tumbling down on Etana and there is no rock on earth that is willing to hide her, maybe she can seek shelter in the Trump towers. She not only tried to justify her support for Donald Trump but she made a complete fool of herself in the process. In the end, she looked more idiotic and bigoted than Trump which is a very difficult thing to do. If you somehow happen to miss the Etana / Trump saga, you can check it out in our posts from yesterday.

The Trump piece is not what this is about, however, as there is no defense for bigotry and hatred. On the other hand, the uproar over her opinion that America is a better place to live than Jamaica is mind boggling. Whether Etana was being honest or just trying to win new fans, she is not the first to do something like this and she definitely will not be the last.

Who can forget the famous Bob Marley quote (paraphrase) “I am not on the Black man’s side; I am not on the white man’s side…” That was after singing songs like Black Man Redemption and chanting lyrics like “I am a survivor, a Black survivor”. However, Bob Marley realized that for maximum financial gain, he had to change his tone and that he did. So he spat not only in Jamaica’s face, not only in Marcus Garvey’s face but he spat in the faces of Blacks as a whole. Marley even went on to change the lyrics of his song Crisis; “they are still killing our people” became “they are still killing the people” because Jah forbid he had to explain who he is referring to as “our people”. In fact, Bob did not go back to the “our” until his final song which found him reciting the words of Marcus Garvey who was without a doubt always on the Black man’s side. In Redemption song, Bob asked, “How long shall they kill our prophets…” It is not certain why he stopped say “they are still killing our people” but now asking “how long shall they kill our prophets.” Maybe it is because he was terminally ill. Maybe it finally dawned on him that he was corrupting the Rasta message in the pursuit of financial gains.

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This is the same situation that Etana is in today. She is not necessarily a bigoted racist, she is merely doing what she thinks is the best move for her career. Should she pay some kind of consequence? Of course. Should she be crucified? Absolutely not.
Fans deserve some of the blame also. It is fans who want to crown entertainers with the title of prophets, when the fact is, these entertainers are doing they see as the best way to make profits.

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Like Bob Marley is no Marcus Garvey or Dutty Boukman; Etana is no Queen Nanny or Lioness Nyabinghi. Right now, Etana is down. Let’s help pull our sister up, don’t beat her down even more. No man or woman is perfect and we have all sinned and come short of the glory of Jah. Even Bob Marley was imperfect and fell short of Jah’s glory.

When we stop destroying the legacies or our real freedom fighters by trying to put entertainers on their level, we won’t be so disappointed when these entertainers make a wrong step.



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  1. This is one of the most poorly written topic that i have read in over 30 years!you can continue to deconstruct Bob Marley and accuse him of spitting into others face….the world knows better his appeal still soars because he was able to capture the minds and souls od all
    people of all races and different languages You are alone with this spitting into face non sense

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