Reggae Artist Mavado was a victim of Racism in New York City.

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Reggae Dancehall entertainer David “Mavado” Brooks is alleging that he was a victim of blatant racism in New York City recently.  The incident occurred while Mavado and his family were dining at the upscale restaurant, Philippe Chow.

Someone should have told Mavado that you can’t trust an Asian whose first name is Philippe.

Mavado claimed the he and his family were seated at the back of the restaurant even though there were many empty tables throughout the restaurant.  The entertainer said he did not complain, but when he went to stand by another table to take a picture, the bigoted Philippe Chow manager approached him and told him to stay at his table and he is not allowed to use the phone in the restaurant.

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Mavado claims that the bad treatment was because he is Black.  To make matters worse, the manager slammed the bill on the table and told Mavado to never come back to the restaurant.

Mavado claims his manager was later contacted by the restaurant and they profusely apologized, saying they didn’t know he was a famous person.  Mavado says he’ll never go back.



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