Mavado planning a comeback.

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If dancehall fans were to judge by the music alone, it would seem like Mavado is locked away in prison and Vybz Kartel was a free man making music in the studio everyday. The reality, however, is the total opposite. While Vybz Kartel has continued to run the dancehall from behind prison walls, Mavado has been struggling to stay relevant on the dancehall scene.

Vybz Kartel said in one of his lyrics, that if he doesn’t cook other dancehall artists don’t eat. The world boss has continued to cook up the dancehall hits, but it seems like if he is not around to actually feed the gully god, then Mavado can’t eat.

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Mavado has come out and make it clear that all this will change for 2019. The gully gad plans to take his career back to the heights it was before his nemesis, Vybz Kartel, got locked away on a murder conviction.

Mavado who basically lives in the United States, says he will be releasing a barrage of real dancehall hit songs for 2019. Some of these songs are self produced and others are from top performers within the industry.

Mavado is signed to We The Best Music Group, a Miami-based company owned by producer/disc jockey DJ Khaled, one of the most influential names in hip hop.

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Mavado says his affiliation with a hip hop label does not mean fans should expect too much hip hop infuzed music in 2019.

“A real dancehall mi a gi dem in 2019, dancehall need saving and that a my mission,” the gully god said.

So if you are a dancehall fan waiting for reggae music to be saved, don’t look up to the heavens, look down in the gully for the gully god.



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  1. Movado has just been enjoying his money and life chilling out.when he’s ready to bust again straight big dance hall tunes

  2. Movado has just been enjoying his money and life chilling out when he’s ready to bust again straight big dance hall tunes no problem the gully gad will always be up there

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