Whites have taken over Reggae Music and are embarrassing Jamaican artistes.

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White reggae bands like Stick Figure are totally dominating reggae music
White reggae bands like Stick Figure are totally dominating reggae music

Reggae Music is still an in demand genre of music and reggae artists are still selling thousands of albums. The artists that are selling at a high volume, however, are not Jamaicans. White reggae bands, mostly from California have taken over Reggae music and are completely dominating the reggae charts.

It is actually embarrassing to compare the sales of white reggae artists to their Black Jamaican counterparts.

Jah Cure, who is considered cream of the crap when it comes to Jamaican reggae crooners, released his album “Royal Soldier” last week. Even though the album debut at number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart, it has only sold 618 copies to date.

Jah Cure was knocked off the chart this week by Stick Figure, a white reggae band out of California and they sold a whopping 10,283 copies in just their first week. That means that a white reggae band in a one week span sold more than 16 times the amount of album a top Black Jamaican reggae artist does in a two week span. At the same time, Jamaican reggae superstar, Bugle, released his album entitled “Picture Perfect” but he only sold a paltry 46 copies.

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In fact, in the last five years, while white Reggae bands like Rebelution have been selling tens of thousands of albums, only one Jamaican has been able to accomplish that feat. The Jamaica who did that was Shaggy but the album was a collaboration with Sting, who just happens to be white. So Reggae was created by Black but it is being dominated by Whites in terms of sale.

There are many who believe that Jamaica will be top of Reggae Music again. There might even come a time when whites will put their own twist on Reggae and create a new genre and Jamaican reggae as we know it will slowly die. Most young Jamaican are more into Dancehall, a child of reggae and the young Dancehall artists and producers are aiming to be more like hip hop than they are reggae.

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Reggae music will never die, that is a fact. However, it is quite possible that we will never see another Jamaican become a reggae superstar. The question is who will be blamed if that really happens?



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