13 Reason why Vybz Kartel should be freed.

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We are only a couple months away from Vybz Kartel’s appeal and his high powered team of attorneys consisting of Tom Tavares-Finson, Valerie Neita Robertson and Bert Samuels are working diligently and hard to make sure the Gaza don is a free man in June.

This weak the team of attorney filed supplementary grounds and skeleton arguments in the Court of Appeal in downtown Kingston, listing 13 reasons why Vybz Kartel’s murder conviction should be overturned.

Below are the 13 reasons why Vybz Kartel should be freed.

1. The alleged murder victim’s (Clive “Lizard” Williams.) body has never been found, therefore it is not 100 % certain that Lizard is even dead.

2. The trial judge, Justice Lennox Campbell, erred in admitting contaminated cellphone evidence.

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3. Reasonable doubt has been cast about the phones’ integrity.

4. Justice Campbell also erred in admitting videographic evidence which was highly prejudicial and, of little, if any, probative value.

5. Justice Campbell also allowed the jury to speculate about the contents of the video and any possible linkages to Vybz Kartel, thereby compounding the prejudice and denying Vybz Kartel a fair trial.

6. Justice Campbell gave inadequate directions in respect to the law of interference or to apply the law relating to it, thereby denying the jury appropriate tools to enable a fair and balanced assessment to the case.

7. Justice Campbell, after months of trial, retired the jury at a time, so late, in the day, as to bring undue pressure on them to arrive at a rushed verdict.

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8. The judge erred when he had hearings into critical aspect of the trial and the jury in the absence of the accused.

9. Even though blood was found in the house where alleged murder took place,DNA tests failed to link any of the convicted to the blood.

10. Vybz Kartel had concrete alibi that he could not have created the murder that was not allowed in court.

Come back t0 18 Karat Reggae Tomorrow for the 3 most important reasons why Vybz Kartel should be freed.



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