Black spending power in America.

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Black Spending Power
Black Spending Power

Recently I was watching a news report about a study on breast cancer in women. The study shows that although White Women develop breast cancer at a higher rate than Black women, Black women died from breast cancer at a higher rate than their White counterparts. The most disturbing part of the study was the fact that both Black women and White Women had the same reaction to the available breast cancer treatments. So basically it came down to who can or can’t afford the treatments.

Couple days after watching this program, I am reading Black Enterprise magazine and ran into an article that says the Black spending power is above $900 billion (2014). I thought to myself, Blacks in the United States spend a lot of money but how much of that money goes to important things, like say health? Could there be a young man out there driving a Mercedes Benz while his mother is dying of breast cancer? The question is not far fetched if you think of the fact, that there are some men driving Benz while still living at home smooching of their mothers.

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With such great spending power, should Blacks be dying at a higher rate than others because of medical treatment affordability? One thing I wish the magazine article had stated, but it did not, was a breakdown of what areas these billions of dollars is being spent in. Hopefully we have passed that stage that Ice Cube rapped about over two decade ago when he said:

We never spend our money with other Blacks
We are too busy buying Gold and Cadillac
Us Blacks will always sing the Blues
Cause all we care about is hairstyles and tennis shoes

Now no one has the right to tell someone else how to spend their hard earned money, but as a people, Blacks need to be more responsible in our spending habits. Don’t buy little kids $300 timberlands and Nikes that they will outgrow in six months. Why not buy them a $50 pair of shoes and invest the other $150 in some promising stocks and bonds?

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And for goodness sake, let your health be your highest priority. What good are Gucci and gabbana or Benz and Lexus when you are dead?

Now I know many of us are genuinely poor and cannot afford the necessary medical treatment and it is not a result of squandering money but this is where the haves need to step in and help the have nots.

Are you your bother’s keeper? Are you your sister’s keeper? Are we each others keeper?



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  1. I am sorry but this is one of the most poorly written articles I have seen on this site. The grammar is poor, the insinuation that blacks are killing their mothers whole they drive Mercedes is sophomoric. This person should not be writing for anybody. Truly stupid article.

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