New Jersey School Allows Student To Smoke Marijuana in School.

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Marijuana Girl
Marijuana Girl

For the first time ever an American school will allow a student to take marijuana during the school day.
The student who will be taking the drug has autism and epilepsy. Her family says marijuana is the only medication that works.

“We didn’t think it would ever happen. A godsend,” mother Lora Barbour says.

Lora and Roger Barbour had already settled in for a lengthy court battle.

This week a victory in the journey to allow their 16-year-old severely autistic daughter Genny to receive medicinal marijuana at school.

“We had to choose between education and medicine. We would bring Genny home from school after half a day. Now she can stay in school and get her medicine,”

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For the last seven months, Genny has only been attending half days at The Larc School which serves children with disabilities.

Her mother wasn’t allowed to administer the lunch-time dosage of homemade cannabis oil that Genny needs on school grounds, due to state laws.

On Monday a bill signed by the Governor changed that.

The Larc school releasing this letter to parents stating: “Earlier this week Governor Christie with the help of local legislators signed a bill regulating medical marijuana for students with developmental disabilities.”

It goes on the say: “Larc Board of Directors approved a medical marijuana policy for our students and families- the first in the country.”

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“I’m still going to have to drive to school and give her her medicine and then drive home, but this time, she’ll stay in school,” Lora Barbour explains.

“They’re welcoming her with open arms and we are appreciative of that,” Genny’s father Roger Barbour says.

For Genny, it means full school days again.

It means a life uninterrupted by the violent seizures brought on without the proper dosage of medicinal marijuana.

“It’s a game changer,” Lora Barbour says.



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  1. This is a very welcome development. Most least developing countries rely on agriculture. Most countries have favorable conditions of growing the weed, why not legalize, their economy may improve as well

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