Sex and Marijuana.

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Marijuana comes from the hemp plant called cannabis sativa, and has long been considered to have aphrodisiac qualities and various sex effects, both positive and negative.

Mention of the sex effects of marijuana can be found in the Arabian Nights, and is recognized in Ayurveda medicine.

Marijuana has also been associated with the practice of Tantra.

As you read the pros and cons of pot and sex below, keep in mind that drug effects are rarely simple, and there is no true “wonder drug” that will give you every benefit without any drawback (or vice versa).

Also, because sex is more than just a physiological process, drugs may impact your psychological and social experience of sex in unpredictable ways.

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At lower doses, weed may alter how you sense and perceive sexual stimuli in ways that enhance sex. People report that their awareness of touch is heightened, and their perception of time can change. So things “feel” better, and sex seems to go on longer as well

For men, weed may shift attention away from their usual focus on the penis. In one survey of 800 men, 83 percent found that pot enhanced sexual pleasure, but this was unrelated to their erections or ejaculatory control.

In another study, 75 percent of men said that cannabis increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction, 68 percent reported that it enhanced their orgasm, and 39 percent found that it increased the duration of intercourse.

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Women are even more likely than men to report enhanced sexual desire with marijuana use. In one study, 90 percent of women reported that marijuana increased feelings of sexual pleasure and satisfaction to varying degrees, and 40 percent of women reported that marijuana increased the quality of their orgasm.

The Bottom Line: While we don’t know why marijuana has positive effects on sexual satisfaction in men and women, research and anecdotal evidence consistently show that in small doses, there are perceived positive effects. Lab research on animals offers contradictory results.



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