Vybz Kartel vs. Ninjaman: Who is the real don of prison?

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Ninjaman and Vybz Kartel
Ninjaman and Vybz Kartel

In Jamaica there is a popular saying that, “two bulls cannot reign in one pen”. That is the equivalent of saying, two kings cannot sit on one throne, Vybz Kartel and Ninjaman cannot both be dons in the same space; or as the rapper Nas would say, “There is one life, one love, so there can only be one king.”

So with Ninjaman and Vybz Kartel both serving life sentences for murder, the question must be asked; who is the real “Don of prison?”. Is it the don gorgon or the one don?

Dancehall has always had its fair share of dons over the years. First there was Leroy Smart who was “the original Don”, then there was Pinchers who said he was just “the don”, Ninja Man then came on the scene and titled himself the “don gorgon”, not long after Ninja, Super Cat said he was the “Don Dadda”, then Vybz Kartel said their can only be one don and branded himself as the “One Don”.

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So suffice to say, someone had to have given up their title back in 2018 when Ninjaman joined Vybz Kartel in prison. There can be only be one don in the Jamaican prison system.

Is Ninjaman the prison don since he is the elder in this case? Or is it Kartel since he seems like he can do whatever he wants in prison with the exception of leaving? Maybe since Vybz Kartel was the first to be sentenced to life it is only right that he gets the don of the prison title. Then again, there was a don gorgon before there was a one don, so maybe Ninjaman should be the don of prisons.

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In the hearts and minds of the Gaza fans, Vybz Kartel will always be the don, however, for others it is a split between the two deejays.

Who do you think is the “don of Jamaican prison”?



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  1. Tom Brady is the Vybz Kartel of football.

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