Have Rastas become a bunch of Buffalo Soldiers?

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Buffalo Soldiers
Buffalo Soldiers

Marcus Garvey and Leonard Howell would be ashamed to see what the Rasta movement that they started has become. Apart from the Bobo Ashanti sect of Rastas, the others are nothing more than a bunch of Buffalo soldiers.

Imagine a movement that was built on Black unity, self-sufficiency, self-reliance and resisting Babylon oppression; itself has become so mingled with Babylon that it is difficult to decipher the two. Today it is difficult to tell what Babylon is and what Rasta is.

Not so long ago Ziggy Marley came out in full support of an oppressive Israeli regime. Not only did he say he supported the regime, but with a very obnoxious and cocky attitude, he said he would continue to support apartheid Israel no matter what. So Ziggy is clearly a Buffalo soldier, an imitation Rasta taking side with the oppressor to further oppress other oppressed people. This is not surprising, since his father also sang praises for the Buffalo soldiers.

Now, let’s take a look at the Buffalo soldiers.

Why were the Buffalo soldiers fighting against the Native Americans or what the Europeans referred to as the Indians? Why would an oppressed man join forces with his oppressor to massacre another oppressed man?
So you are stolen from your own land and brought to another man’s land. The land you are on is itself stolen and stolen by the man who took you from your land. Now, you have a chance to fight and you choose to fight on the side of the man who stole you from your land. You choose to fight and kill an innocent man that did you no wrong, instead of fighting against the man who meant you no good.

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There is no question that the Buffalo soldiers fought on the wrong side during the Indian-American war. Real heroes, real freedom fighters would have joined forces with the Native Americans. Who knows how that war would have turned out had the buffalo soldiers made the right decision. What if they had chosen the right way, instead of the easy way out? It could have made all the difference for the situation Blacks in America and all over the world find themselves in today.

Were Blacks so eager to be loved by their oppressors that they were willing to execute such evil against innocent people? The sad thing is the Native Americans were very kind and helpful to Blacks. The following are lyrics from the song, “Let that hammer fall” by the Neville Brothers:

I remember the man with the feather in his head
We sat down and together we broke bread
He was my friend, the man called Indian
Just like him they took my land
Just like him they said I was no man

Despite the kindness shown to them by the Native Americans, Buffalo soldiers still chose to fight and kill them.
Either Blacks can be just as evil and heartless as whites or they are just too stupid to see that the Buffalo soldiers fought on the wrong side of the American Indian war. So they continue to sing high praise for them, talking about:

If you know your history,
Then you would know where you coming from,
Then you wouldn’t have to ask me,
who the heck do I think I am?

I’m just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America,
Stolen from Africa, brought to America,
Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival;
Said he was a buffalo soldier win the war for America. – Bob Marley

Yes, the Buffalo soldiers helped to win the war, but they won the war for their oppressors and Blacks are still crying out for oppression today. In essence, the Buffalo soldiers were no different than Ziggy Marley, arm in arm with their oppressors, with arms to harm other oppressed.

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Do you think if the Buffalo soldiers had joined forces with the Native Americans instead of fighting against them it would have had a major impact on American history?

What is the Rasta movement doing today that is advancing the Black race the way Marcus Garvey intended?



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  1. Blacks also help to win the “The American Revolution” against Britain who 1st brought us into slavery. In those days ., the better e eapons wins most of the time.

    • I could understand fighting the British and I support that to the fullest. Fighting against the native Americans, however, that I can’t fathom.

  2. Great article. We are some confused people. Through all of the lies, mixup and slavery they have totally screwed up our minds and we continue to join the oppressors and assist our own destruction.

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