Hip Hop culture should dominate Africa, not America.

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Hip hop culture
Hip hop culture

Disclaimer: The following article is by guest blogger Jim Nolan and in no way reflects the views of 18 Karat Reggae.

Any nation only has room for one dominant culture. And by the rule of the majority, the population that makes up the ethnic majority determines that culture. In America the population majority right now is “white immigrant European”. So by squatter’s rights they determine the culture.

This rule applies to all countries by the way. Look at Tibet and China. China reoccupied the country to reassert its culture there.

Now in the 80’s the Hip Hop lifestyle took over the TV progrmaming. The people who control such things saw this as a money making venture. To them it was all about making money, and nothing else. Their kids went to fine Ivy League schools. Most “white” people in Middle America saw this as temporary too. But the Hip Hop movement was transplanted by the “Gangsta Rap” movement. Mothers and fathers came home from their factory jobs to fine their kids wearing pants around their knees. The kids were using language that they had not taught them. The kids learned this on TV and other media sources.

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Parents of the dominant culture class are now fighting back. Through local ordinances and state laws, “white” people are trying to take back their culture. Sadly this culture war erupts into violence in some places. I’m not saying this culture war is right or wrong. What I’m saying is be careful what you teach other people’s kids. This back lash in violence is just the natural progression of cultural reestablishment. It is okay that immigrants teach their kids about the place they came from. But when one refuses to take up the culture of the nation they live, they become outsiders looking in.

you can’t have a job for very long if you don’t speak the language. I don’t think anyone culture is better than another. But cultural differences that can’t be bridged result in civil wars and nations breaking up. If a parent teaches their kid to resent and not accept the dominant culture of the land they live in, they have failed as a parent. It’s okay to be different. But you do have to accept the rule of the majority. Otherwise you cannot have a large country like America. We would simply break up into 10 or 12 different countries.

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A lot of people like to blame the American Civil War on slavery. Slavery was just one of the cultural issues that led to that war. Cultural dominance is what keeps a country united. Look at the violence in Africa. Black on black violence there is all about tribal ethnicity. Different tribes are fighting each other to assert their culture over others. As long as there is this attempt by people in America to establish a new dominant culture here in America, young men will die. Young men are always the first line of attack. I’m not condoning violence against young men, but I do see this as inevitable.

The interesting thing about this article is, Jim contributed it to the TCOOO blog years ago in the MySpace heyday. So it was before Trayvon Martin was gunned down for donning a hoodie and before Michael Dunn gunned down Jordan Davis for playing his music too loud. Is there a war on hip hop and we are not paying attention?



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  1. Typical dumb Yankee. …….no mind of your own……what do you know about Africa…..to make such a statement

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