Jennifer Lopez says Latin men are better in the bedroom than Black men.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriquez

Jennifer Lopez is opening up to her fans about what goes on in her bedroom and it is bound to hurt the egos of some of her past lovers. If J Lo is being honest then P Diddy did not live up to expectations where the Black man’s prowess in the bedroom is concerned.

According to Lopez, her current Latino boyfriend, Alex Rodriquez, is the best she ever had in the bedroom. The former fly girl says even the much younger men she dated back in her twenties did not live up to Alex.

The 47-year-old singer is currently dating the former professional baseball player and praised her 41-year-old beau for his prowess in the bedroom and is particularly pleased that they move to the same rhythm under the sheets.

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Lopez went as far as saying the best night in her life sexually was when they went to the Met Gala together earlier this month. She told a US tabloid that it was a night she will remember forever.

“We had a great time in the limo after the gala. What do you want me to tell you? We went in. We went at it more than one. It was awesome.”

J Lo says that not every man loses stamina when they get older and Alex is one of those men.

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“He’s a good lover. He does it great. Again, one of the things I love is that he loves to please me and I love to please him. I didn’t say he was getting old! I never said that. Never. Never. No, he moves like a twenty-something. He does all the important moves for me and especially when the Spanish music is playing… he knows exactly what to do.”



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    • it’s true Latino men are passionate but calling N entire race just for Alex it’s crazyy lol I get it up I you skirt for the first time but race don’t matter it’s call BEDROOM EXPERIENCE FUCKGOD G SPOT 😂😂😂😻

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