Peter Tosh was not jealous of Bob Marley.

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Bob Marley & Peter Tosh
Bob Marley & Peter Tosh

Over the years many have laid claim that has Bob Marley’s fame and fortune was rising, Peter Tosh became increasingly jealous of Bob. Arguments like that are not only unfair to Peter but downright disrespectful.

There is not one interview where Peter says anything that could be concluded as jealousy, so why do some people insist on pinning such an ugly trait on the most talented of the Wailers? Plus, what exactly would Peter be jealous of, Marley’s financial success? If you watch how Peter carried himself, it is obvious that finance was secondary to him and his primary goal was to attain equal right and justice not only for his people but for all oppressed people.

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Peter knew that those who spent the most money on music would not be happy with lyrics like, “Everyone is crying out for peace, none is crying out for justice. I don’t want peace till I have equal right and justice.” Still you never heard Peter in a song or an interview compromising the message of the struggle or the Rasta movement.

Was Peter angry about the breakup of the Wailers? Maybe he was but who wouldn’t be. Imagine three Black ghetto youths growing together since their youthful days and making beautiful and uplifting music. Then one person in the group allowed a rich white Jew to use his money and break up the crew? Who wouldn’t be angry? It can be said with much certainty that the disagreement the group had with each other at that point was not their first, yet they never broke up before, so why then?
So it might be right to say Peter was angry, but to say he was jealous is very degrading to Peter’s great achievements and contributions to reggae, the Rasta movement and improving the plight of oppressed people all over the world. How can a Rasta be jealous over material gain?

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  1. Jealousy is a human trait. Peter was human. Based on what happened with the way his and Bob’s career went after his split from the Wailers it’s not a stretch to conclude that he was jealous of Bob.

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