The reason so many Black women are single.

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Beautiful single black women
Beautiful single black women

Seventy percent of Black women are single. It’s a sad statistic and so-called experts in the field of relationships have come up with numerous reasons to explain the high number. The fact is, however, there is one main reason and one main reason only why so many Black women are single.

The main reason so many Black women are single is because of her unconditional, unwavering and undying love for the Black man. That’s it, plain and simple; black women strong love for the Black man is the reason why so many of them are single.

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The Black woman loves and wants to be with a Black man; however, the Black man is in very short supply for the Black woman. First, 30 percent of Black men want to be with white, Hispanic or Asian women; then you have 20 percent of Black men who want to be with other Black men, so there goes 50 percent of Black men that want nothing to do with the Black woman.

Of the 50 percent of Black men that want to be with a Black woman, 25 percent are indeed married to a Black woman but then the rest are either in correction facilities, unemployed or back and forth between the two.

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So the solution for so many Black women being single is for ALL BLACK MEN to start standing up and being real men. The Black race will never return to grace and glory until the Black woman is lifted up to the highest of heights. The Black woman can scream “miss independent” all day long but the fact is she needs the Black man.



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  1. Most black women are single because they are educated, woke, independent and smart. They won’t settle. Apart from the air heads with a slave mentality that prefer women of other ethnicities, black men are useless creeps that waste your time, your money and your energy. Black women have long understood to better put all that somewhere else where it’s more productive.

  2. That’s just racist and generalizing. That’s like if I say all Black women are whores, that’s not fair

  3. Black women are single some of it is their own fault by being too picky and some black men are brainwashed into thinking white women are better and some of the younger black man hard gay

  4. Is this person who wrote this article a trump supporter by any chance, because this is a load of crap. I can’t believe what I am reading! People need to stop believing the media and need to stop slandering black men. There are good and bad in all ethnicities. BLM ✊🏿

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